Homelessness in San Antonio: Pet and Their Pets

Originally posted 3-15-18.

San Antonio, along with the rest of the country, has a large population of homeless individuals. You can see it anywhere and everywhere. Depending on your beliefs, you may or may not have the urge to help those on the street. Due to reasons such as safety concerns and scams, I usually don’t offer assistance. But in every case when a dog is involved, I can’t help myself.

While leaving a grocery store on Tuesday, I saw a homeless man with a lovely lab/retriever mix laying at his side. Since he had a dog, something told me to help. As a matter of fact, my husband just passed the same man and gave him our leftovers from dinner, all because he had a dog. Not knowing this happened, I went to the local dollar store to purchase some toiletries, snacks, and water for the owner, and toys, treats, and food for his beloved companion. As soon as I delivered the care package, the gentleman thanked me and immediately started rummaging through the bags. The first thing be pulled out was the dog toy. As I was driving away, it made my heart melt seeing this dog come to life. He was so happy while tossing it in the air. Moments like that stick with me forever.

Whatever your belief is, it’s not the dog’s fault s(he) is on the street. There are times when pets are all these individuals have. I’m speaking to my dog lovers out there, it’s always a great idea to keep some sandwich bags full of dog food to give to the homeless for their dog. You never know when something like this could brighten someone’s day or help out a loving companion to someone that may not have anything in the world.

To give some insight, here is an article on the bond between homeless people and their pets.