Pet Insurance: Is it Worth It?

Originally Posted 3-20-18

Pet insurance has been a recent interest of mine. A client once told me about a time when her dog got bit by a rattlesnake. The pet insurance she had for him covered the vet bills and paid out within a week. I was intrigued and wanted to do my research.

Because the cost of these medical expenses could be devastating to a family, options like wellness plans, pet insurance, and financing have grown in popularity. When my husband and I had a puppy a few years ago, he had a freak accident and we did as much as we could to save him. When the bills started racking up, the decision came down to paying rent or attempt to save his little life. When we finally made the choice to say goodbye, it was determined that after all we had done, there wouldn’t have been a chance to save him anyway. We were heartbroken, in debt, and making just above minimum wage. There was a lesson learned that day.