Being Diligent in the Backyard

I wanted to discuss being diligent when your dog is outside in the backyard alone. Dog theft is on the rise and it is devastating for families. Thieves steal dogs and may use them for breeding, dogfighting, and to sell. Monitoring your dog’s whereabouts will prevent them from escaping or being taken. Dogs can be taken not only by thieves but also coyotes and owls. Depending on your area, these predators are known for coming into yards and harming unsupervised animals.. Being alert will allow you to hear any sounds of need or distress and ensure their safety.

Another reason as to why you should monitor your dog’s behavior include to show interest, observe habits, and check for health issues. You can begin to see what your dog enjoys such as chasing squirrels, playing with leaves, etc. For health reasons, it’s helpful to ensure your dog is relieving themselves without issue and are not displaying behaviors related to stress. Some stress related behaviors include stereotypies. Stereotypies are behaviors that are seemingly aimless behaviors. Examples include pacing, spinning, jumping, self-biting, wall bouncing, and excessive barking.

Lastly, improve training. You can’t train what you don’t see. Letting a dog rehearse inappropriate behaviors will reinforce the behavior. Fence fighting, barking, digging are all behaviors that can only be trained or managed while insight. Fencing fighting and barking are also behaviors caused by underlining issues and may progressively get worse if not handled properly.