Pavlov and the Ice Cream

Ever wonder how clicker training works? This infographic gives a great representation of how we use classical conditioning to associate the clicker as something wonderful!

Classical conditioning can be used to elicit a biological response to a continued reinforcer. The click means nothing to begin with. Once it is paired with a delicious treat, the clicker becomes a conditioned reinforcer. The dog makes a connection of click = treat. Click = reinforcement. I can then use the clicker to mark a correct behavior.

In English: It’s summer and I live near a community park. Every time the ice cream truck plays that awful rendition of Jennifer Lopez’s song, my mouth begins to salivate. I begin to crave ice cream. I MUST GET ICE CREAM! I go outside, buy my treat, and get my reinforcement. The craving and mouth-watering reaction is a conditioned response to the conditioned reinforcer.

Gets me every time!