When in Doubt, Ask.

When in doubt, ask. As a trainer, I’ll never expect you to just take my word for it. My way or the highway. Dog training with clients is a partnership. It’s based on mutual respect, teamwork, understanding and an open conversation. Sound familiar?

My job as a trainer is to educate. Yes, I am trained the field and have experience but are there people out in the field more educated than me? You betcha! My goal is to facilitate learning not just for the dog but for the pet guardian.

I’ll always do my best to provide you with the best answer that is in line with positive reinforcement force-free training. I do research on these topics often and have no qualms about providing documentation, articles, and research from the experts in the field. If i don’t have the answer, I’ll find it. If I can’t, thankfully I have some wonderful trainers around me that I collaborate with from time to time.

When picking a trainer or working with me, ask questions.