“What treats are you using?”

A question I get asked often is “What treats are you using?” If you know me, I try to spice it up with different treats. I get a variety of different treats to see what works and what doesn’t.

Dogs have their own taste buds and preferences. For me, I don’t work for fish. I won’t even try it but bring out a nice steak, I’ll work for that! When getting/making treats, think variety and value. Not what you find valuable but what your dog finds valuable. Test it out. Grab a muffin pan and fill it with a of treats. See which one attracts them most. Try different textures. Also, the stinkier the better!

When working with Rover, don’t limit yourself to the everyday “goodies”. Try to match the environment. If I am at home, everyday kibble or something low-value may be fine. If I am at a park, better bring my A-Game like duck jerky, chicken, turkey hotdogs, cheese, peanut-butter in a tube, etc. If I have to fight the environment for the attention of Rover, I need something special in my treat pouch.

(I have some fish jerky coming soon! Stinkier the better.)

Here are some great tips on what to use.

Training Treats