Zapping into Submission

Focus on the shock collar use, damage, and lack of clarity from the trainer in the story, not necessarily the name of the company. You must trust the person and techniques used for your dog. Sometimes we get frustrated with Fido and think the quickest results are the most effective. That's not always true. Zapping… Continue reading Zapping into Submission

Getting Creative

Being creative during reinforcement delivery is so important when working with a dog that is uncomfortable taking treats from a hand. Thankfully, we have this delicious tube of peanut butter that helps alleviate some of that stress. The dog doesn't have to feel uncomfortable taking a treat directly from the handler, it gives the handler… Continue reading Getting Creative

Not Everyone is a “Good” Citizen

This is an interesting perspective. I recommend this reading because you have to learn from or at least understand those that you don't always agree with. As a AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator and a trainer that understands the complexity of a dog's emotional state, I see both sides of this. Although I don't agree… Continue reading Not Everyone is a “Good” Citizen

Management vs. Training

Originally posted on 1/4/19. Did you know there is a difference between dog training and behavior management? Dog training is teaching a specific behavior to be used at a specific time. It helps to improve communication and gives guidance to the dog. These are your obedience or trick training skills like sit, stay, shake etc.… Continue reading Management vs. Training

The Dreaded Doorbell

Originally posted on 12/30/18. A common issue pet owners have is the dreaded doorbell or someone knock. So much that, we have handout specifically for this topic. To help those with this issue, management can be used to help alleviate the excitement or stress when someone arrives. Consider putting sign up next your doorbell or… Continue reading The Dreaded Doorbell