Originally posted on 12/22/18.

Dog sitting this cutie-pa-tootie. Although she looks so serious, she’s really a sweet girl. She loves affection from the people she feels most comfortable with. Consent is just as important for pets, as it is for us. When she engages for affection, I’ll dote it out willingly. You can’t force it. It causes stress for the dog and can result with defensive behaviors. I’m quite jealous as she’s fallen head over heels for my husband.

She’s dog selective but goes to doggy daycare which helps in that department. She has her good and bad days but who doesn’t. Not everyone gets along, that’s the great part about it. If Fefe doesn’t get along with Rover, but does with Spot, they can switch up playgroups easily and everyone has a good time.

Lastly, she’s cat reactive. That’s fairly common and doesn’t limit anything for her. That being said, since we have a cat, it’s a fun orchestra of management between dogs.

Thankfully, she loves hanging out with the smaller dogs and chasing squirrels any chance she can get. She’s always on alert for those fuzzy little pecan stealers. Pray they never actually catch one.

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