Bringing Home an Undersocialized Dog

Bringing an undersocialized dog into your home can be an extremely rewarding experience. Undersocialized dogs may have been rescued from unfortunate situations with very little to no human contact. They may not know how to live in a home, or how to do “normal” dog things.

First things first, safety. Management is very important when bringing home an undersocialized. If your dog is frightened, they may panic and try to escape. Proper equipment, enclosures, and precautions will prevent Houdini from getting out.Socializing a dog is not a sprint, it is a marathon. Giving them a comfy cozi place of their own, may help slowly incorporate them into the family and home. It can be very overwhelming at the beginning. Toss some tasty treats to Fido. Associate your family with some really awesome. It may speed up the process. If Fido doesn’t take it right away, that’s okay. Give it time.

If you have “role-model” dogs, even better! Having another well-socialized dog in your home can be great as a role model for your new dog. Dogs are social learners and will start to mimic the behavior of your current dogs. This will generally allow the dog to feel more comfortable in approaching. It’s nice to have an ally in the dog world.Not sure what your undersocialized dog is telling you? Dog Decoder is a great app to learn about dog body language. The app is available the Google Play or The App Store.

This article discusses the body language commonly seen in fearful dogs. Knowing the difference between caution and fear is very important to help understand what can be done to alleviate their stress.

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Dog Decoder – Fear in Dogs

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