Originally posted on 12/30/18.

Dog parks are a “double edged sword” and your dog either likes them or dislikes them. That being said, they have been beneficial for dogs that are generally social with other dogs and ones that may be adolescent and are learning. However, it’s not the best place to train a fearful or shy dog how to be social. That takes time, positive exposures, and listening to your dogs signals.

Although this is over-simplied, it’s more complex and recommended to seek a professional trainer’s help. If your dog is stressed by dog parks or any interactions with other dogs, stay far enough distance from the dog park or trigger and allow your dog to just see the dogs. As long as they are happy and getting some treats, the goal is to be fair enough away to have a positive exposure to other dogs. This also applies to excitable dogs. As long as they are calm and getting treats, they can learn impluse-control.

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