Getting the Behavior

Ever hear the saying, “More than one way to skin a cat.” (No pun intended but perfectly fitting.) When it comes to dog training and getting a behavior, it sure feels that way.

See, each dog learns differently, just like humans. I struggled through math and science while my brother would be a wiz. Dogs can have their struggles too. Some are more distracted by things in the environment, some have physical limitations, and some just need a little patience and creativity.

If a dog struggles through a behavior, that’s okay. There is not 1 set way to train your dog. Having multiple options will set your dog up for success. Find what works for your dog and how they learn. It will prevent a lot of frustration for the both of you.

This article demonstrates 7 ways to get a behavior including:

1) Shaping
2) Targeting
3) Luring
4) Capturing
5) Mimicking (Social Learning)
6) Moulding*
7) Negative Reinforcement*

*These techniques are not utilizing in Arfordable Dog Training’s curriculum.


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