It’s Hip to Microchip

Just a friendly reminder about proper identification!

Ensure your pet has proper identification including identification tags, a current license, and microchip. Most cities require a current license for their resident’s pets. This license may help ID your pet if no other form is available.

Other options include having a recent photo of your pet or consider embroidering your phone number on your pet’s collar, in case the ID tag should fall off. This is another option for those that prefer a quieter collar.

Most importantly, consider microchipping you pet. For microchipping question, speak with your veterinarian. If not available, there are plenty of low-cost microchipping services available. Reach out to your local animal services or mobile vet clinics. Microchipped dogs have a much higher chance of being returned to their owner than those without. Microchips should have the most up-to-date information including current address and phone numbers. Update your contact information immediately, should you move.

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