Rescues and Shelters Resources

Training Philosophy:
Arfordable Dog Training’s philosophy is to focus on positive reinforcement to train both your dog and you. Utilizing positive training methods, it will allow your relationship to flourish and ensure well-behaved dogs will always be a part of the family. Through affordable dog training, behavioral modification and education, families can keep their pets in the home and hopefully, impact the overpopulation of dogs in San Antonio and surrounding suburbs.

Due to this Training Philosophy, it only makes sense to focus on shelters and rescues in the area. Arfordable Dog Training offers 10% off current or recent* rescues.

Arfordable Dog Training offers other services that benefit the local shelters and rescues. For more information, view our Contact page to reach out to our trainer today.

Rescue and Shelter Assistance
Playgroup Implementation and Training
Based on the principles of traditional playgroup organizations but personalized to your shelter or rescue, implementing playgroups can help with socialization with dogs of all levels, identify more accurate evaluations, and improve the overall quality of life for dogs in your care.

Evaluation and Labeling Assistance
Along with utilizing playgroups, additional evaluations are available to learn more about the dogs in your care. Evaluations may include learning to be objective to describe behavior, basic play assessments, and training opportunities.

Access to Discounted Products
• PetSafe
• 2 Hounds Including Freedom Harness
• Coastal
• Kong
• Halti
• And Much More!

Editable Handouts for Adopters on the Following Topics:
Principles of Positive Reinforcement
Puppy Socialization
Crate Training
Potty Training
Mental Stimulation
Separation Anxiety
Handling Exercises
Nail Trimming
Muzzle Training
Vet Visits
Bringing Home an Undersocialized Dog
Helping a Shelter Dog Adjust to a New Home
• Holiday Specific (New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas)

Social Impact
Arfordable Dog Training offers a free 4 Week Basic Obedience slot will be available for an eligible resident of the following zip codes: 78218, 78219, 78244, 78109, and 78233. For more information, please see out Social Impact page.

Free Class for Adopters
Intro to Basic Obedience – New Adopters
This 75 minute class will go over Transitioning into the Home, Mental Stimulation, Socialization, and Basic Obedience skills such as Sit, Polite Greetings, and intro to Loose Leash Walking. Must adopt from qualifying shelter or rescue.

This class will be available starting in Fall 2020 due to COVID-19.

Other Important Resources
Kong Products
Kong offers discounted slightly imperfect KONG toys! They are lower priced and perfect for some of those crazy crazies. Check it out.

Quarterly – Arfordable’s Woof and Wag Dog Walk
Show off your foster and socialize with the public. Check out our Facebook page for upcoming dates.

*Within the past 3 months
**Minus Trainer’s Discounted Hourly Fee
***Inside Class Only