Service Dog Training

A service dog is a highly skilled working dog that is to be used by the client to mitigate their owner’s disabilities by offering assistance in some way.

Training Philosophy
Arfordable Dog Training’s philosophy is to focus on positive reinforcement to train both your dog and you. Utilizing positive training methods, it will allow your relationship to flourish and ensure well-behaved dogs will always be a part of the family. Through affordable dog training, behavioral modification and education, families can keep their pets in the home and hopefully, impact the overpopulation of dogs in San Antonio and surrounding suburbs.

Mission Statement
Arfordable Dog Training’s Mission Statement is Arfordable Dog Training is focused on simplified knowledge, affordable pricing, and practical training for families and their beloved pups; all while providing an exceptional level of customer service.

With keeping in line with our Training Philosophy and Mission Statement, it only makes sense that we work with families to train their own evaluated pets to become a service animal for a fraction of the price of most trainers. With the growing need and well-documented benefits of service animals, we would love the opportunity to work with your current pet or assist with saving lives through assessing rescue or shelter animals for potential service work.