The Difference Between Positive Training and Compulsion Training

Arfordable Dog Training’s philosophy is to focus on positive reinforcement to train both your dog and you. Utilizing positive training methods, it will allow your relationship to flourish and ensure well-behaved dogs will always be a part of the family. Through affordable dog training, behavioral modification and education, families can keep their pets in the home and hopefully, impact the overpopulation of dogs in San Antonio and surrounding suburbs.

That being said, I focus on families and family pets. I want to ensure everyone dog has a home and every home has a happy dog. Let me help you with that. Curious about the benefits of positive training? This is a great video from Victoria Stilwell on the difference between Positive Training and Compulsion Training (Prong, Shock, Choke, and Fear-based training methods.) Positive Training is science-based training that emphasizes on the dog’s learning and promotes a confident and emotionally stable dog. I love that!

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