Why Clicker Training?

Clicker Training is effective because it begins with Classical Conditioning. Classical Conditioning is based on reflexive or automated behavior. Most people will hear the “ding” of their phone signifying a message has been received and will automatically check it. This is a reflexive learned behavior. The “ding” of the phone is the cue and the behavior of checking the phone becomes the behavior. The reinforcement is the satisfaction of reading the message.  It becomes habitual after a while. This behavior may even happen when another person’s phone goes off around you. This is an example of Classical Conditioning.

Based on Classical Conditioning, the handler will ask for a behavior (cue) such as Sit. When the dog sits, a marker is used to signify that the behavior was correct, and is followed by a treat (reinforcement). It is best for the dog to understand the behavior before introducing the command. Dogs do not speak the human language, so we must assist them during the learning process via clear communication. Once the behavior is learned, associating the word can be done. Arfordable Dog Training uses this technique to teach obedience. When the marker is used and the dog is conditioned to expect reinforcement. Using this principle will allow the trainer (you) to use it many different ways. It can be used to teach the obedience, loose leash walking, and assist with behavioral modification (operate conditioning). Once the dog understands that their behavioral will give them goodies, the possibilities are endless.

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